How use $60 to make a laser cutter


Hello, I am Antonio, a college student from China. A long time ago, I saw a mini laser cutter project on kickstarter, I want it very much. But it was too expensive, it needs to $199. That was $199! Although I very want one, but I still give up. Then I thought, it’s really cost $199? How about i made it by myself ,how much money i will cost? So I began to try to make my own mini laser cutter.

I believe everyone is knew the software part, what’s better than the arduino + GRBL + GRBL controller? So I focused on the hardware part. First is step motor, and I chose the printer stepper motor. Its interval Angle is 7.5 degrees, use with easydriver can obtain higher precision. The  important thing is that it only need $1 and u can get it.bujin I see most of the diy laser cutter using cd-rom screw.  It’s too short, generally not more than 100 mm, so I gave up using the cd-rom screw. I found some screw in china shopping website, sigansigan2it’s a 120 mm screw, the price is $2 each, using the plastic slide block.  I use a 2 mm 3 mm coupling cost $1 each.lianzhouqilianzhouqi2 Transmission part I considered to use the most simple axle sleeve and the plain shaft, but it certainly is not the most perfect choice. Although it is very cheap but I was not able to make the machine stable, so I give up this choice. In the end I chose the plain shaft and linear bearings, although it is very expensive, but can make the machine running stable, why don’t I use these?zhoutao2zhoutao  guangzhou My machine use a total of two 6 mm plain shaft, two 4 mm plain shaft, four lm6uu linear bearings, four lm4uu linear bearings, I bought it cost about $12. Then there is circuit part, I use the arduino micro + easydriver + a relay to build the control circuit. Customize the circuit, it cost $15. The last is the laser pointer, I have already bought 250 mw and 100 mw 650 nm red module 405 nm purple module, which is more useful.laser100mwlaser250mw  I’m curious which is useful more. Two laser total cost my $15. By the way 405 nm laser can be used to make circuit boards, etched circuit. So this machine is not just a toy, it can help you to make circuit, this feature is still in the experimental.Now the most important question is coming, my shell. The material of shell is 6 mm wood, I use the rhino to designed it and it had been send to manufacturers to make it, cost about $15. Here are some rendering,xuanran2xuanran5xuanran xuanran3xuanran4   yesterday i will upload the install pic.

Ok, let’s do a statistics. Stepper motor $2 (two), screw $4 (two), coupling $2 (two), linear bearings at $12 (total), circuit $15 (total), laser $15 (two actually only need one), shell $15 (a). So the total price is $65 does not include the freight, it is much cheaper! What’s more, if i use the cd-rom it will be cheaper more! Maybe you will ask, why i search parts on eBay much expensive than your price. Don’t forget, I am in China.

If there are ten people want me this machine, I will put this product on indiegogo . The price is $ 110 All the parts of the machine.shipped to anywhere. Top ten people can cost $ 160 get two machines parts. Of course, you can also add $ 5 use $115 to get a compelet machine ,also ship to anywhere. Of course, the premise is that some people want this machine, if someone needs it plz reply me, If i gather 10 people ,i will put indiegogo links. Some people may ask me why you need the money, my next project is a mini cnc also its a sls 3d printer.So now I need to got enough money to develop it. So thank you for your support, it may be the cheapest mini laser cutter you can see.